Raising Capital Bootcamp With Original Shark from Shark Tank Kevin Harrington
How To Attract All the Money You'll Ever Need, To Build The Business Of Your Dreams

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How To “Shark-Proof” Your Business.

I’ll show you the steps to take, to get your business in shape as early as possible, so you’re READY to attract the right investors.

Skip just a couple of the steps I’ll talk about… and you’ll make it many times harder for an investor to say “Yes” to you. It’s like showing them the plans for a home built on a marsh, without a solid foundation.

Get this right… and the wallets of investors are much more likely to open up.
This event is strictly for PEOPLE who have a deep 

One Very Important
Last Point

I’ve worked behind-the-scenes of ventures that have produced over FIVE BILLION DOLLARS worth of sales… and someone pointed out to me, it’s not very often an investor like myself comes to speak and meet with entrepreneurs in Toronto. From what I’ve been told, it means this event is going to sell out very quickly.

So go ahead, select your ticket… and I look forward to seeing you in Toronto on Saturday, November 17th, 2018 for our “Raising Capital Bootcamp”, to help you turn your ideas and dreams into mind-boggling reality!

Kevin Harrington

Event Guest Speakers
Sunil Tulsiani is the founder of the largest elite real estate club in Canada known as Private Investment Club. Sunil is a former police officer who invested in 77 properties in his first year alone and made nearly a million dollars. Today, he is an international speaker, #1 best-selling author and mentor to millionaires.
Karla is the CEO of LivLove Inc, a company creating authentic heart centred leaders. Karla is committed to helping professional women live their best career life: confident, respected and valued, doing business in the feminine way. Karla has helped hundreds of people shift into their personal power and purpose, living their authentic life empowered and making a difference in the world.
Cora Cristobal is the founder of the Toronto Women’s Club. She's a CPA by profession, a successful real estate investor, a best-selling author, mentor and speaker. Her real estate investment experience covers high-end subdivision lots, golf shares, resorts, residential properties, and cash flowing investment properties.
Noah Laith is best known for his ability to source deals at below-market-value prices. In the last 17 years he built a real estate asset management fund and a personal net worth of $30 million USD on this knowledge. He is actively investing in the Netherlands, UAE, Thailand, South Africa and Spain, where he is now Managing Partner of Riereta Equities.
Ahmed Ali is an Executive Coach and a Life Mastery Consultant. He specializes in helping individuals and organizations achieve their visions through the application of the Fundamentals of Breakthrough Performance. He is also a highly successful real estate investor, career development & life strategies coach, as well as a veteran of 22 years in the telecommunications industry. For over 20 years, Ahmed has studied and implemented the principles of transformational success.


Little-Known Creative Ways To Find Investors.

There are millions of investors out there, who want to put their money into ideas like yours.

Many of them would love to hear your idea, but right now, they don’t know about you... and you don’t know about them.

I’ll show you how to find and attract them.

Plus, I want to tell you about some really exciting new ways to raise capital, that weren’t available even a few years ago.

You probably haven’t heard of them. Not a lot of people have, right now. That makes them practically SECRET SOURCES of funding!
How To Hit The Investor “Sweet Spots.”

There are several types of investors... each looking for different things.

For example, some don’t like taking risks. Others love to be risk-takers.

I’ll show you how to find the “sweet spot”... of what each type of investor is really looking for.
How To Avoid Ruthless Sharks, And Attract Your Ideal Investor.

If you’ve ever watched Shark Tank, you’ll know each investor has their own unique personality, and way of doing things.

I like to think of myself as a very people-friendly investor.

But there are some - I won’t mention any specific names! - who perhaps fit the description of a “Shark” much better.

They want to micro-manage every aspect of your business, treat you like an employee… expect you to be on-call 25 hours a day… and basically, turn your life into a living hell.

I’m guessing you don’t want to find yourself in this situation, right?

In that case, it’s important to know how to attract the RIGHT investor for you.
After immigrating to Canada in 2010, Ankur worked in a restaurant for close to minimum wage. With No Money, No Credit or Experience, he decided to quit his job to follow his passion for Real Estate. With only $98.25 left to his name, he made his first successful deal netting him $10,000 dollars. Since then, Ankur has done all his deals No Money Down and has raised over 5 Million Dollars.